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The team


Jenny Nguyen
Tour consultant
Birth: 1990

“I like breathtaking activities: Climbing, parachute jump… They give me pleasure, just like the job I’m doing.”

From TripAdvisor: “Mrs Jenny went out of her way to make sure that everything was catered for. Any time i needed anything I just gave one of the guides her number and it was sorted instantly…”


Amy Le
Tour consultant
Birth: 1991

“I like travelling. It’s the great true love of my life. I always have a feeling that go travelling is worth any cost or sacrifice. I am loyal and constant to my love of travelling.”

From TripAdvisor: “I thank Ms. Amy for making our overall experience utterly memorable with warm, pleasant and sweet feelings…”


Tour consultant
Birth: 1988

“Xin chao, my name is Sunny and I have been working at Vietnam Unique Tours since the beginning. I like my job and the friendliness of my colleagues here. We are one family with the same passion of travel and want to share it with everyone. I operate your trip and take care of you from your arrival until departure.”

From TripAdvisor: “A big thank-you to Ms Sunny from Vietnam Unique Tours for arranging a fantastic trip for me this August! As a Solo Traveller I felt very safe and enjoyed every minute…”


Tour consultant
Birth: 1987

“Life is much better when travelling and I really love it, I hope you do it too. Vietnam is always open to welcome you and Unique Tours is always beside you on your journey.”

From TripAdvisor: I was surprised in a great way from the start when Anna helped plan a wonderful 21 days traveling in Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon and in Cambodia for she was so professional and very responsive…


Tour consultant
Birth: 1986

“I do love travelling as well as my customers and that’s why it inspires me to create the masterpiece tailor made for my guests. Thinking of what customers really would love to discover is my first priority. Your nice complements after your trip will put me on the top of the world.”

From TripAdvisor: “She always responds to emails very quickly and efficiently making you feel like a very special customer – thank you Lucy…”


Tour consultant
Birth: 1986

From TripAdvisor: “Ms Hanni, who handles our trip professionally, welling to answer our questions promptly even after office hours. Every sector of our trip was well planned…”


Hue Nguyen
Tour operator
Birth: 1992

“Being travel-aholics and having been to many places, I thoroughly understand what needed to become a good tour operator who organize things regarding your trip. I don’t communicate with you but always on your side and wish you a good trip!”


Linh Nguyen
Tour operator
Birth: 1993

“Be an enthusiasm and dynamic girl, I have been to many beautiful places since I was a student. It is a luck for me to become an operator of Vietnam Unique Tours where I can do the job that I love. I will try the best to make you trip smooth and memorable.”


Tour Assistant
Birth: 1992

“If you make a trip to Sapa, I will have chance to meet you. I hope to see you!”


Huyen Le
Birth: 1990

“I work with numbers everyday. It’s like an endless journey. Without a plan, I’d be stuck and lost. So, no matter what I do, work or travel, I always plan carefully.”


Ngan Le
Co-founder / Manager
Birth: 1988

“After years of working in tourism, I didn’t realise that I was in love with it until I left it one day. I decided to move on and do something on my own.”

Ha Pham
Founder / General Manager
Birth: 1985

“Everytime I look at my hands, I see no finger but the ladies and man above. Just imagine how hard to do something without them. They are the most important factors that make Unique Tours unique.”

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  • Fantastic Vietnamese Holiday
  • Exceeded all expectations
  • A very trustworthy tour company!
  • Friendly and knowledgeable
  • Superlative services from a highly professional tour outfit
  • Fantastic Vietnam Unique Tours
  • Totally First Class Professional Company!!

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